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Poverty Statistics


Key Report Findings

  • In South Carolina, the amount needed to be economically self-sufficient varies considerably by geographic location. For instance, the amount needed to make ends meet for one adult and one preschooler varies from $16.70 per hour ($35,268 annually) in Sumter County to $12.94 per hour ($27,338 annually) in Clarendon County.

  • The Standard also varies by family type, that is, by how many adults and children are in a family and the age of each child. One adult living in Sumter County needs an hourly wage of $9.68 ($20,437 annually) to meet basic needs. For families with children, the amount needed to cover basic needs increases considerably. If the adult has a preschooler and a school-age child, the amount necessary to be economically secure is nearly doubled, increasing to $19.47 per hour ($41,126 annually) in order to cover the cost of child care, a larger housing unit, and increased food and health care costs.

  • The Self-Sufficiency Standard amount for Columbia is higher than comparably-sized southern cities. For example, the amount needed for one adult and one preschooler living in Columbia ($16.87 per hour) is slightly more expensive than Savannah, GA ($16.59 per hour) and Gainesville, FL ($15.82 per hour).