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United Way Diamonds

United Way is excited to offer our youth and their families an opportunity to experience childcare in almost real time. United Way recently purchased five new state-of-the-art educational RealCare computerized babies.  United Way Diamonds now has a total of 15 RealCare Infant Simulator babies.  The new babies will give students a three-day parental experience, which requires students to meet the demands of an infant child.  The student’s responsibility involves caring for the baby’s common needs, which includes feedings, burping, rocking, or diaper changes.
This electronic baby simulator holds the student accountable by tracking, measuring and reporting on care events, mishandling actions, head support and wrong positions, surrounding temperatures, time in a car seat, and clothing changes.  Students receive immediate feedback of the care given once the baby is returned to United Way.  
The objective of students taking the RealCare Infant Simulator home - is to create parent child dialogue.  This RealCare baby requires care based on the schedule of real infants.  This opportunity allows parents to discuss teen pregnancy and prevention with their children and the risks that are taken when engaging in sexual activity.
Any Sumter County middle or high school student can carry the baby after a short tutorial with parent’s permission. Students can also participate in a six-week class at one of the many county schools that United Way Diamonds serves. 
If you, an agency, or church would like more information about the computerized electronic baby simulator please contact Melanie Dees.  Melanie Dees is also available to guide parents on how to talk to your children. Please call 803.773.7935 or email for further information.