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Sumter School District


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We all come from different backgrounds.  We all face different challenges. But we share the same goals.  Together, we can become the change makers.  We can innovate and improve the lives of all of our neighbors today and carry it forward to our children and our children's children.  Together we can create generational change and help break the cycles of crisis.


United Way was built on community partnerships. We know that we are stronger when we work together, united. We are proud to have served as a partner with schools in Sumter County for over 20 years through direct services in the classroom and support services to students and families in the community. 


GIVE 5 DOLLARS - Your $5 a week, $5 a month or $5 per paycheck will change lives.
TELL 5 FRIENDS - 5 to the power of 5 means 3,125 people will know how to help.
GIVE 5 HOURS - So many worthy causes need your time.
JOIN 5 PEOPLE - Volunteer with friends.  
ADD 5 MORE - Give another $5 or 5 hours,  ask 5 more to give.  More and more lives are changed.  Join us! 

United Way Diamonds has provided evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention classes since 2000 at Furman Middle. We have served each of the other middle and high schools in various capacities during that time and engaged teens and their parents through community-based organizations and churches. Since the program's inception, the rate of teen pregnancies in Sumter County has declined 68%.

Our Reading Success AmeriCorps Program has collaborated with several elementary schools and after-school programs in Sumter, Clarendon, and Lee Counties to support early grade reading by providing literacy tutoring from 2012-2022.

Our F.R.E.E. Financial Readiness and Education for Everyone AmeriCorps Program aims to provide financial literacy tutoring to students in sixth through twelfth grade and adults through services sites in Clarendon, Lee, and Sumter Counties.  Individuals commit to a one-year term of service by becoming a member of the AmeriCorps Program engaging in small group and one-on-one mentoring.  The program aims to educate our youth and adults about budgeting, banking, loans, tax preparation and many other financial education topics.  We are helping to break the cycle of poverty by educating everyone on how to make better financial decisions.

Impact in 2022-2023

1900+ children and adults provided access to health-related resources and services each year.

1200+ senior adults and families helped to meet basic needs of food, housing, and shelter each year.

Thanks to United Way and the NFL, for over three and a half years, schools across the area have had access to a digital Social Emotional learning program called Character Playbook at no cost.


A free, information and referral service that connects people with important community resources to meet everyday needs and  immediate needs during a crisis.

FamilyWize makes it easy to save money on prescription drugs. Just show your free card to the pharmacist!

Through partnerships, we are able to bring additional resources to our community.

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