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Starting today, give for tomorrow

Tomorrow is full of questions, but the answers are up to us.


Our new normal is a world of uncertainty and change. That will take some getting used to. But we can do something this holiday season to build a better life for others.


People in our community still struggle with unemployment, food insecurity, housing, and health challenges. Many don’t know where their next meal is coming from, or how they will pay the rent or the bills. Even more are teetering on the edge without back-up savings. Kids are struggling with an unconventional school year. Adults are facing mental health challenges like anxiety and depression.


This holiday season, we encourage you to work with us toward a new tomorrow for our community, one that offers:


  • Strong starts for children

  • Safe homes and warm meals

  • Healthier lives

  • Thriving families


Together, we can build a tomorrow that is better than yesterday. For every single one of us.


All we need to do is Start Today United.

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